Choosing outfits for you personal brand photoshoot is a hugely important aspect of your planning process. Not only do you want to look amazing, you also want your look to reflect your brand. Read on for some help on what to wear for your professional photoshoot.

Levels of Professionalism

The goal of personal brand photography and your personal brand photoshoot is to showcase your story. The who, what and why behind your brand and business. Your brand and business may not be corporate so you may want to appeal to a more casual, day-to-day audience. Think in levels of professionalism for your outfits. This will help you start to plan the different types of outfits that will be appropriate to your stories.

The Levels – what ‘look’ fits your brand image?

Whilst not everything fits into these different types of looks, in general you need to think about which of these levels/looks works for you and your brand for your photoshoot. Whether you use all of these looks or just a few will depend on your audience and the type of client you are aiming to attract and engage.

Boss Babe – High level professional brand look

This look I would consider to be high level professionalism. Where your business requires face-to-face work with high-end clients where you want to have a look that’s consistent with a more traditional business feel. This look works well if you’re regularly involved in public speaking/conferences where you need to elevate a client’s view of you. This look also works well for young entrepreneurs who want to be taken more seriously in the world of business. I’m not implying you have to wear a black power suit however! You can still showcase your personal branding as you. If that means wearing pink, this can still work – just as Lizzy from Square Pegs UK did for her brand photoshoot.

Casual Professional – Relaxed but still means business

Many entrepreneurs work from home and possibly by themselves with client meetings done remotely. This look can include nice jeans, trousers or a skirt which still shows you as a professional. If the Boss babe look is definitely not you and you need a more relaxed look, this may be the perfect outfit choice for you. You’ll still come across as the professional and expert in your field.

Day-to-Day – Behind the scenes of your brand

When you’re showing the ‘who’ behind your brand story, this is perfect to showcase the more ‘personal’ aspect of your life. This looks like you haven’t had to think about it. Usually a casual top, paired with jeans, this outfit works really well for entrepreneurs who are always on the run. Brand and business owners, who primarily work from home, and want their audience and ideal client to see the ‘real’ them.

Cozy Comfy – Increase your connection with your ideal client

The cozy and comfortable look is one where you can be really real and authentic. It’s most ideal for entrepreneurs whose ideal clients resonate with the comfy and cozy lifestyle. This look can widely vary from client to client. For some, this look is an oversized sweater and jeans. For others it can be a hoodie and yoga trousers/leggings. The key to this look is ensuring your ideal client will connect with you.

More top tips for your personal brand photoshoot wardrobe

When you’re planning your personal brand photography outfits and thinking about what to wear for your professional photoshoot, keep these points in mind:

  • Make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear
  • Accessories help to complete a look so think about adding these in, such as jewellery, scarfs, hats, headbands, belts
  • If the shoot is taking place outside and it’s possibly going to be cold – think about layers
  • Make sure your nails are clean and unchipped
  • Avoid logos and large graphics on your clothes
  • Solid colours work best, generally
  • Aim for clothes that fit well and aren’t too baggy, tighter fitting clothes can actually make you look smaller
  • Choose items that aren’t too sheer or see-through
  • Make sure to iron your clothes beforehand

When you’re thinking about what to wear for your professional photoshoot, keep all of these points in mind. You can of course send me pictures of your outfits and we can make sure you’re all organised before the day of the shoot.

Ready to start planning your brand photography shoot?

To find out more about a personal branding shoot with me or to book now, get in touch. I can help you tell the story of your brand through your images, to attract your ideal customer and client.