Smiling browned haired woman with crossed arms holding a professional camera

Hi I’m Georgina

Hi! I’m Georgina and apart from being a personal brand and family photographer, I’m Mum to 3 gorgeous girls who keep me on my toes most days!

I’ve always had a passion for photography and still have some old images that I developed when I was a teenager …mainly of my cat!

How I started out in photography

My first career path began on stage, followed by a career in television (behind the camera!) so the creative side of life has always been a strong pull for me.

My photography passion came into full realisation when we had our first child in 2013 – I wanted to (and still do) capture every moment from her first days, first smiles, first giggles, first everything! So my camera became part of me and it hasn’t really left my side since then.

I now proudly display our family images in our home and love looking at the stories and memories they tell. Having lived in Kenya for seven years (until July 2018), where the light is simply stunning. I am well equipped to make the most of the beautiful East Anglian light when shooting outdoors.

Light plays such a huge part in creating a beautiful portrait and my experience and love of light is noticeable in how I capture and shoot.

Family of 5 people walking in a field all holding hands
Picture of a brown haired woman holding a camera and smiling

How I love working with clients

My career as a professional photographer began as an outdoor family photographer and I still love to capture these special memories. Don’t put your family shoot on hold, capture those moments now!

Personal Brand Photography, especially for female entrepeneurs, is my absolute passion. Showing up for your brand and engaging with your ideal client is so important. Having a library full of images that you can use for your website and social media platforms helps you elevate your brand. I make sure I get to know you and your brand in order to create an in-depth shoot plan. I also create a brand review to see what you need for your digital platforms to ensure we capture all the images you need to make you stand out from the crowd with high-end imagery.

I’d love to hear from you, whether you’re looking for a family photographer or a personal branding photographer, I absolutely love to take pictures of people so get in touch.