If you’re just becoming aware of Personal Brand Photography, or you’ve heard about this before and you’re not sure if it’s for you, read on! It’s more than a just a headshot, it’s about showing up for your audience authentically and inspiring people. A Brand Photographer helps to show the ‘what, why and how’ of your brand story.

#1 Like, know and trust

People buy from people they know, like and trust. They want to see behind the scenes of your brand and see the authentic you….and even your quirks! These types of posts on your social media can have great engagement which in turn can lead to possible clients/sales. You can use the camera on your phone to capture a few shots. BUT a selfie won’t necessarily be at the right angle to achieve a flattering (or great!) image. Professional brand photography will ensure the correct lighting for the shot. They’ll make sure that the focus of the shot draws the viewer’s eye to the right part of the photo.

Personal Brand Photoshoot - Showing the details and story behind a brand
Capturing details for a brand that offers home organisation Simplified Living

#2 Personal Branding

When you build a business now, you’re also building a personal brand. Everything, from your website to your social media, needs to show that you’re an expert in your field. You are the person that they (they being a potential client!) should be coming to. In today’s image driven world, it’s so important to use imagery that showcases you and your personal brand authentically. From an about page to a post on a Facebook or Instagram – the images you post are the first impression for any online interaction.

#3 Library of Images

When I begin planning a brand shoot with a new client, our first call is all around getting to know more about them and their business. We then talk through ideas of what can be captured and the stories they want to tell through their branding shoot. Next, I create a detailed shoot plan, using Trello (amazing app!) which I share with my client. This also includes a review of their brand where I look at the image opportunities on their online platforms. This shoot plan includes a detailed shot list which is generally broken down into different types of shots – such as action shots, product shots (if applicable) and detail shots. When we look at the detail shots, this can be anything from a close up of them working at their computer to a shot of a unique notebook that they use for creative thoughts and notes.

Personal Branding Examples details
Detail shot of a branded notebook

#4 Telling your story through your personal branding photoshoot

I’m not talking about writing an essay here! This is about using your brand images to tell the story of you and your brand. It helps to convey the ‘who, what and why’ of your business. Apart from being recognisable through colours and the consistent look of your images, ultimately you want to elicit thoughts and emotions. You want your ideal client to identify with you, to know, like and trust you. Essentially, you can use personal brand photography to help communicate your story and therefore connect with your ideal client.

Personal Branding Examples Creative Headhsots
Creative headshot examples showing different brand shoots and looks

#5 Brand Consistency

You may already have a brand concept that includes colours and a strong identity – that’s great and a personal brand photographer can make sure all of these are used during your brand shoot. You may have no idea – that’s also fine! Many of my clients, that don’t have a brand concept, start to find their brand identity through the planning process. We’ll work out the best location for your brand shoot and then make sure that the props and styling is all on-brand to ensure you stand out from the crowd and from the competition.

Creative Headshot Personal Brand Example
Personal Brand shoot Styling – Pink was the main colour for Lizzy from The Square Pegs Education

Ready to start planning for your own Personal Branding Photoshoot?

To find out more about a personal branding shoot with me or to book now, get in touch. I can help you tell the story of your brand through your images, to attract your ideal customer and client.