Get Camera Confident! Workshop

Do you avoid the camera because you feel awkward in pictures? Or do you hate being in front of the camera because you just don’t like how you look? You know you need to show up for your brand and business, but the thought of having your picture taken makes you want to run a mile! I get it – I don’t like being in front of the camera either, but I do know that clients need to see me before they even think about booking a photoshoot. And I’m sure you know you need to be visible, too, to connect with your ideal customer and client.

What if you could feel differently about being in front of the camera? You could show up each day confidently with a picture or even a video – and, dare I say it, a live video on your social media.

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I’ve learnt so much!

“I’ve learnt so much about how to use my phone to take photos the proper way! Plus tips and tricks for feeling confident in front of the camera!”

Sue Tetley

What’s included in this Get Camera Confident! Workshop?

  • A workshop on Cultivating your Confidence through Mindset with The Mindset Coach, Marie Daines
  • A workshop with me on how to get ‘camera ready’ to help you feel confident and empowered in front of the camera, not just in front of my camera but also your social media content too – and yes, that includes lives!
  • A 10-minute headshot shoot with me during the event that will update your current headshot.
  • Top tips and training on the best light and angles for you to use when taking your own pictures and videos.
  • A chance to connect and network with other amazing women in business.
  • Lunch included

When and Where?

Next Date for 2024 TBC

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Marie Daines in action at a previous Get Camera Confident! Workshop

About Me!

Hello! I’m Georgina – a Mum of three girls and three dogs. I live in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, having originally been bought up in Staffordshire.

My love of photography became a real passion when I was living in Kenya (from 2011 to 2018). My main aim at the time was to capture my girls growing up. Friends started asking me to take pictures of their children, and then their friends wanted family photoshoots, and from there, I started my business. I also photographed women in business in Kenya too.

I continued with my family photography when we returned to the UK in 2018. During the lockdowns of 2020, however, I knew that my true calling was photographing women in business – helping women (like you!) show up confidently for their brand and business. So often, we put ourselves down and want to avoid showing the face behind the brand – even though we know that people buy from people, and to connect with our ideal client, we need to be visible. I immersed myself, in between homeschooling, with all things personal branding. I created a process that ensures my clients get the most out of their investment with me, and they have a library of beautiful images that tell their story. They also have images that they feel confident to share!

My passion for empowering women to feel confident in front of the camera is why I created this workshop. Imagine showing up and feeling confident in front of the camera, whether that’s my camera or your phone camera. You’ll be able to connect with your ideal clients and ultimately bring more sales in to grow your business.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you be confident in front of the camera!

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Not awkward

Georgina was really fun to work with and put us at ease. It all felt very relaxing and not awkward as we had feared.

Danielle Young

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