The DIY Brand Photography Course (Online)

Do you wish you could have great brand pictures, all year round? Without having to book a professional photographer every 3 months? Or maybe you don’t have a budget for your first brand shoot yet!

The DIY Brand Photography course is specifically designed for any business owner seeking a budget-friendly solution for their brand imagery. Whether you’re struggling to capture captivating video/images for social media, or simply unable to invest in personal branding shoots right now due to budget constraints – this course is tailor-made for you!


Woman in front of a ringlight and a phone camera, laughing naturally, with her hands together.

I’ve learnt so much!

“I’ve learnt so much about how to use my phone to take photos the proper way! “

Sue Tetley

What’s included in The DIY Brand Photography Course?

  •  Understanding the importance of personal branding and how to show up authentically yet professionally online.
  • Planning your shoot to create a diverse library of images that truly reflect your brand and connect with your audience.
  • Exploring different types of shots, from headshots to behind-the-scenes glimpses.
  • Choosing the right wardrobe and props to enhance your brand’s story.
  • Maximising your phone’s camera capabilities with simple tips and tricks.
  • Learning photography basics, like using natural light and basic editing techniques.
  • Sharing your images online and optimising them for your website.
  • Bonus insights into SEO-friendly keywords and alt text to boost your online presence.

This is a six-week online course with weekly calls via Zoom. If you can’t make it live every week, don’t worry; there’ll be a recording! We’ll also have a community hub where you can ask questions and post your images taken with your new skills!


I think my progress has been 1000%!

I think my progress has been 1000%! I learnt so much on the DIY Brand Photography course, I’m delighted that I can now achieve much better quality photos with my smartphone.”

Dawn Taylor

When and Where?

When: The launch is on Thursday 18th April at 11am and we’ll have a call each week at the same time.

Where: Zoom – you’ll receive a reminder and link each week. If you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to watch a recording of the call in your own time.

Previous course members’ results and what they thought!

About Me!

Hello! I’m Georgina – a Mum of three girls and three dogs. I live in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, having originally been bought up in Staffordshire.

My love of photography became a real passion when I was living in Kenya (from 2011 to 2018). My main aim at the time was to capture my girls growing up. Friends started asking me to take pictures of their children, and then their friends wanted family photoshoots, and from there, I started my business. I also photographed women in business in Kenya too.

I continued with my family photography when we returned to the UK in 2018. During the lockdowns of 2020, however, I knew that my true calling was photographing women in business – helping business owners to show up confidently for their brand and business. So often, we put ourselves down and want to avoid showing the face behind the brand – even though we know that people buy from people, and to connect with our ideal client, we need to be visible. I immersed myself, in between homeschooling, with all things personal branding. I created a process that ensures my clients get the most out of their investment with me, and they have a library of beautiful images that tell their story. They also have images that they feel confident to share!

I realise, however, that not everyone has the budget for a professional shoot so my passion doesn’t just include taking images for women in business – it also includes helping them to take their own images with their phones! I love to teach small businesses and start-ups (and even more established businesses) how to take great images with their phones. You can take amazing images with a phone camera -when you know what to do!

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