When talking to clients about their personal branding photography shoot, one of our first conversations is about location. Here are five top tips to consider when thinking about where you personal branding photoshoot will take place.

#1: Brand Photoshoot Location?

Are you holding back from booking a personal branding photoshoot because you don’t think you have the right location/home office? This doesn’t need to stop you from getting the images you need to show up for your audience. It may be possible for me to capture the images you’re looking for with what you have.

Personal Branding Leamington Spa Georgina Little Photography
Personal Brand Example: A shot at your computer may still be possible with clever angles, the right light and some props to create the right atmosphere. Decluttering a background and dressing it will also aid the look you want to achieve.

#2: Locations picked for you!

If you really don’t want the shoot at your home office, I can advise on a suitable location. I have some regular locations that I shoot in but if these don’t work for your brand, we can find somewhere else together.

#3: Different ways to find a personal brand photoshoot location

It’s also worth looking at airbnb or a holiday cottage. These can work really well for a photoshoot. We can work together to find the perfect location for your vision and brand. With props and pops of your brand colour/s you can achieve images that will look fantastic on your website and instagram grid. Other options are hotels, coffee shops or restaurants and co-working spaces. If you have a friend with a house that you think would work for a shoot – ask them if you can use it for your personal brand photoshoot (in exchange for a bottle of something of course)!

#4: More than one location

You don’t have to be confined to a home office for your personal brand photoshoot. When I work with you, I help you plan the stories you want to tell with your images. During a half day branding shoot (3 hours), we can normally fit 3 stories in. These can be at different locations such as an indoor space for headshots, computer, details etc. We can then go out and take a shot of you at a coffee shop or enjoying a walk in the great outdoors. This type of brand shoot will give you a diverse library of images, including creative headshots. It enables you to strategically plan your content instead of scouring your hard drive for any old image that will do….or going down the rabbit hole of stock images!

#5: All planned out

All of these stories and details are discussed and put into a photoshoot plan. This is with us for the shoot day (via the Trello app, see below!) and no shot is missed. This means the shoot is all meticulously planned to ensure you get the most out of your branding shoot.

If you’d like to discuss your personal branding photography, or you’ve been searching for a brand photographer to capture your behind the scenes photos, please do get in touch. I’m based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and cover East Anglia and I’m also very happy to travel! I’d love to hear from you. If you’re new to the world of brand photography and would like to know more, check out my previous blog Personal Branding Photography: How does it work? I hope to see you on a shoot soon!