I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Kate Mishcon at her London home at the end of last year. When she first contacted me, she knew she needed a Personal Brand Photoshoot, but it wasn’t something she was looking forward to! She wasn’t a fan of being in front of the camera!


Brand Photoshoot Planning

After our first call, I sent Kate my personal brand photoshoot questionnaire. This helps me understand what my client’s brand and business is all about. It also asks about any concerns you may have about a photoshoot. Not many of us like being in front of the camera (me included!). However, knowing what these things are means I can make you feel a little less worried about them! Once I have all this information, I create a shoot plan, including any inspirational images you feel align with your brand.

Pre-shoot Call

A week before the shoot, Kate and I had a pre-shoot planning call. This is where we go through all the must-have images, props, clothes and the concerns mentioned on the questionnaire. This call ensures that your investment is well spent, as I won’t miss any of those shots you know you need – and want! It also helps us get to know each other better, which can dispel those pre-shoot nerves; I won’t seem like a stranger when we meet on shoot day!

After the shoot, Kate’s response was:

“I feel amazing! I feel really relaxed. Georgina put me completely at ease, and I’m really excited to see the pictures”

Here are a few of Kate’s Personal Brand Photoshoot in London Images

Kate Mishcon is a formally trained Mindfulness teacher with a natural passion for mindfulness, having seen first-hand how profoundly it can ease suffering and change people’s lives. You can see more about Kate and how to work with her at www.mishcon-mindfulness.com


Ready to book a personal brand photoshoot in London?

Are you ready to get your personal brand photoshoot booked? Get in touch, and let’s get planning so you can have brand images that show your personality and help you feel confident to show up for your dream clients! If you’re unsure why investing in a brand photoshoot is essential, read my blog on 5 reasons to invest in personal brand photography.