Posing! This normally fills most of us with dread when planning for your personal brand photoshoot. It’s an important aspect of your shoot and should definitely be discussed when you’re in the planning stages. Many of us (me included!) have very normal concerns about how we look. It may be your weight, double chin concerns or even how to look natural. Get yourself a cuppa, make yourself comfortable and read on for top tips on how to pose for your photoshoot.

Weight Concerns

This is probably the biggest reason many people don’t want to even consider personal brand photography. We’re always so critical of ourselves and we think we need to lose weight before we have our brand photoshoot. I get it! And you’re not alone. However, if you’re not showing up for your brand, with high end images that make you stand out from the crowd, you may not be reaching those ideal clients. I have many tricks that can flatter how you look and also make sure any bits that you absolutely hate are disguised. I also make sure I help you with your poses during your photoshoot.

#1 Strike a Pose

Stand tall, lift your head and shift all the weight to the back leg. Pull your tummy in (this helps enormously with your posture!) and make sure you bend your arms. Top tip for a photoshoot pose – ‘If it bends, bend it‘ (you’ll hear me say this a lot during your photoshoot!). On the day of your shoot I’ll help you with this standing pose. We’ll try different angles to get the best pose that flatters you and you’re happy with. We’ll also use props for you to hold to get a variety of shots that work with your brand.

Full body headshot Personal Brand Photography Suffolk
Yvonne Standing Tall in her garden – using a cup of tea as prop which helps with bending her arms.

#2 Wear clothes that fit

It seems a strange concept to many of us when I say this as a lot of us like to hide underneath baggy clothes in the belief that it hides the lumps and bumps. Believe it or not, clothes that are tighter fitting will look better than clothes that just hang of you. We’ll discuss your wardrobe in your brand photography planning process and I even suggest showing me what you’re planning to bring so I can let you know if it will work or not. Feeling confident in your clothes will also help when you thinking about how to pose during your photoshoot. For more information about what to wear for your photoshoot head to this blog.

Photoshoot – Double chin concerns

This is one of those issues that a lot of us have and it’s also one of the easiest to overcome during your photoshoot! Here are a few ways to dispel a small double chin:

#1 Pull your forehead forward

This feels awkward but it really does work! One of my clients said she felt like she a duck but when I showed her the difference she was amazed. See below!

#2 Angle

One of the best photography tricks for a super flattering headshot is for me to shoot a little higher. It helps to show of the shape of your face to it’s best and it also means small double chins cannot be seen. You can try this yourself when you’re even taking a selfie – do a comparison and see the difference.

#3 Stand or sit tall

Having a great posture will not only look great but it also helps you feel more confident. It can also make a difference to how the overall look of the shot appears to the viewer. When you look more confident your expertise will shine through.

How to look natural

When you’re showing up for your brand you want to look natural and approachable in your images. You’ll more likely connect with your ideal client and therefore they’re more likely to use your service or buy your product. When we work together I aim to make you feel at ease and we’ll chat and hopefully have a giggle which means I’ll get some in between shots where your personality shines through and you’re looking natural and relaxed. A few tips which I’ll also talk you through during your brand photoshoot.

#1 Flirt with the camera

It sounds a bit bizarre but it’s a great trick to get you to embrace the shoot and get some amazing and natural smiles out of you.

#2 Again, if it bends, bend it

When you look stiff and awkward it looks unnatural. Getting you to bend your arms and legs into natural poses make you look more relaxed and therefore more natural.

#3 Angles

I generally shoot from a slight angle as it can be a little unflattering to shoot ‘straight on’ and can look awkward and unnatural.

#4 Laughing

I will indeed get you laughing – it may feel a bit strange to start with but it soon becomes natural and I shoot those in between moments to capture the relaxed shots and the real smiles.

#5 Looking away

I also ask you to look away to capture some candid shots which are brilliant for your social media posts too.

Be Confident!

So, don’t put off your brand photography shoot any longer! Feeling like you need to lose weight or that you just feel too awkward in front of a camera shouldn’t stop you from having images that make you stand out from the crowd. You want to connect with you audience and ideal client so that they can like you , get to know you and trust you in order to buy from you or use your service. The best way to do this is to show up and be the confident expert in your field. If you’re ready to book your shoot or you’d like to have a chat about what’s possible for you, get in touch!