Wearing matching outfits for your family photoshoot is something of an old-fashioned concept (thank goodness!). There are trends that come and go and these can really date your photographs in years to come. This leaves you with the question ‘What should I wear??’ When it comes to wardrobe choices for your shoot, you want these portraits to last the test of time. Here are some top tips to help you choose your outfits.

Choose coordinating colours for your family portraits

Whether you prefer pastels, monochrome, bolds or neutrals, sticking to a small selection of colour will mean your family portraits will look co-ordinated.

Family Photoshoot - combine bold colours to make a statement.
Combine bold statement colours with each other for a striking effect (avoid neon!) and go for timeless rich colours

Keep it comfortable for your outdoor family photoshoot

This is very much a personal preference in terms of how smart or casual you want your outfits to be. What you wear to your photoshoot also needs to reflect how you normally dress on a day to day basis. As you’ve already booked with me you can see that I aim to capture lots of candid moments, so this means you want to look like ‘you’. The way you feel during your shoot will come across in the actual portraits so make sure you feel comfortable.

Family Photo Shoot - what to wear can be casual yet timeless.
Family Photoshoot - What to wear
Casual and timeless

Think about your home decor

When it comes to framing and displaying your family photos, you’ll want them to look right in your home. If you have strong bold colours and/or busy wallpaper then neutral outfits will work well. If your home is quite neutral, you can be bolder with your colour choices.

Family Photo shoot - neutral and classic wardrobe choices
Neutral and classic

Logos and patterns – use sparingly

Wearing patterns in everyday life looks great but it can add a lot of distraction to a family photograph. If this is your signature look however and want to use patterns for your family photographs, just go a little easy. For example, opt for you wearing a pattern and the rest of the family in coordinating bold colours.

Family Photoshoot - keeping patterns to a minimum
Mum wearing a strong floral pattern

Seasonal Wardrobe Choices for your Family Photoshoot

When I lived in Kenya, one of the things I missed the most about the UK were the seasons! The colours of the UK seasons are so special. I love outdoor family photoshoots in the same location during the different seasons. The colours can make such an impact to the feel of your family portraits. Your colour choices can ensure you make the most of these seasons.

Spring Outdoor Family Photoshoot

For your spring family photo shoot, the background of your family portraits will include a lot of green. The colour blue works really well – any shades from deep dark blue to pale pastel blue. Colours to compliment royal blue could be pale pink and yellow. Pale baby blue works with colours such as peach, pink or dark blue. As the weather can still be a little cool, thinking about keeping the kids warm is important. If you’re happy wearing coats, great! If you’d prefer not to, think about layers to keep you all warm.

Family Photoshoot - Spring Wardrobe Colours
Spring Family Photoshoot Colour Palette

Summer Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Your summer photo shoot should include comfortable, cool and light clothing. Hot, sweaty, grumpy kids will make your family photoshoot experience a little less enjoyable! Think about light cotton and light colours. The background colours will be green so blues work with co-ordinating colours such as pink, cream or even grey. And don’t forget water, to stay hydrated on a super hot summer day!

Family Photoshoot - Summer Wardrobe Colours
Summer Family Photoshoot Colour Palette

Autumn Outdoor Family Photoshoot

My favourite season in the UK! Your outdoor autumn family photoshoot will be filled with a riot of colours. These range from deep yellows, golden yellows, different shades of orange through to reds and crimsons. Wearing Deep reds/Plums, mustard yellows and dark blues can look amazing to compliment this season’s background. If you’d rather keep the coats out of the picture, layer up for the chillier days.

Family Photoshoot - Autumn Wardrobe Colours
Autumn Family Photoshoot Colour Palette

Winter Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Although the UK is cold, if you love the look of winter then embrace an outdoor photoshoot . With more muted colours and even the possibility of snow at this time of year, opt for some fun winter clothes with faux fur and winter boots. Blues, greens, pastels or even bold colours can look great. Have fun and make sure the kids have gloves and scarfs!

Family Photoshoot - Winter Wardrobe Colours
Winter Family Photoshoot Colour Palette

Finally, this is your shoot so if you want to change your outfit halfway through the session then that’s fine! These are your family portraits so you get to choose. I will help guide you and make sure we get the best family photographs for you to love and treasure. An outdoor family photoshoot is about having fun together and feeling comfortable in what you wear!

I do hope this has helped with what to wear for your family photoshoot. If you have any questions or want to talk through your wardrobe choices further, get in touch.