When it comes to your headshot, you may not want the corporate look. Most small business owners want and need a headshot that is more in keeping with their brand. Many of my clients are female creatives who want to show that they are the expert in their field but they don’t necessarily see themselves wearing a power suit in front of a grey background. This is where a personal brand photographer can help capture a creative headshot that is cohesive with your brand.

Headshots that capture the real you

If you are a creative business owner, a headshot that shows your personality and captures the real you is what you need. You’re aiming for your ideal client to get to like, know and trust you. In a world that revolves around imagery and video your headshot may be the first starting point of your client’s journey.

Why invest and use a professional photographer?

You need to be visible on your social media platforms and also on your website. Showing up with a phone selfie is unlikely going to show you off to be the most professional in your field of expertise. Using a professional photographer to capture you and your brand and enable you to use high end imagery for all your platforms means you’ll stand out from your competition. A professional photographer will also help you with your poses to ensure you look your best!

Do I need more than one photo of myself?

Most photographers that take creative headshots work as personal branding photographers too. Brand photography means we can capture the story behind your brand. This can include shots of you working, your processes (regardless of whether you’re a product or service based business), product shots or stock images that are unique to you. Having a full photoshoot means you will have a library of images to use on your social media platforms and website. These will be consistent in look and cohesive with your brand. It also means you don’t have to go down the rabbit hole of a stock library every time you want to post to your social media.

Helen from October Star – a babywearing ring sling creator, looking relaxed in her recent brand photoshoot

What’s stopping you?

If you keep moving this to the bottom of your to-do list – DON”T! Up top date, modern headshots and images of you, looking like you (you at your best!) can only help with showing up for your audience. It may be the push you need to do that first post introducing yourself. People want to get to know you so they can like you and then trust you. If your confidence is holding you back, having a headshot that you love and works for your brand may give you that boost you need.

Want to know more?

If you’re still not sure what’s right for you, read ‘5 Reasons to Book a Photoshoot’. If you’d like to chat through some of your ideas or work out what’s possible for you and your brand, contact me. I love to talk with like-minded creative business owners!