Jo Withers, the owner and managing director of VTM Ltd, first contacted me through my Instagram account. The VTM website was in the process of being updated and therefore needed a branding photoshoot. VTM is a B2B marketing agency and Jo had a clear idea of what she needed. This included team headshots and a selection of brand images that would work for all of VTM’s digital marketing such as social media content, blogs etc.

Brand Photoshoot Planning

After our initial call, the first part of planning a Brand Photoshoot is a questionnaire. This asks all the questions I need to know about a brand and business. The questionnaire even asks about any concerns a client may have about being photographed. Let’s face it – not many of us love having our photograph taken! Knowing these concerns before the shoot day means I can help make you feel more at ease.

I then take all of the information and create a shoot plan. Included in this shoot plan is a brand image review. This means I look at what imagery is currently being used and see where the opportunities are to capture new brand imagery.

Pre-shoot Call

About 2 weeks before the shoot Jo and I had our pre-shoot planning video call. This is where we go through all the images needed and make sure we have a detailed shot list for the branding photoshoot. It means that we can capture everything needed. As a result, this avoids any ‘oh no, we didn’t capture this and that’ moments after the shoot day!

One of the main objects of this brand photoshoot was to capture the essence of VTM. Jo didn’t want the brand to look too corporate. She wanted to showcase the agency feeling of the business whilst still showing how professional the whole team is.

Selection of images from the Brand Photoshoot

Brand Photographer Suffolk
Jo needed banner images for the website so this is cropped to reflect this

Brand Photoshoots and Personal Brand Photoshoots can give you images that have the ability to elevate your brand online. This means that having high quality, consistent imagery ensures you have a library of images to use across your digital platforms. Do head over to the rest of my blog and read 5 reasons to book a photoshoot if you’ve just started thinking about a brand photoshoot. If you’re ready to have a chat, get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you and capture the heart and soul of your brand and business.